Alia Bhatt on rumours of having marriage issues with Ranbir Kapoor

is often targetted by trolls on social media and is calmly unfazed by it. Ignoring people`s comments and harsh reactions to everything that she does, the actress has maintained a dignified silence over several matters.

However, on Koffee With Karan 8, she let her thoughts flow uninterruptedly. When host Karan Johar, who is also her mentor and friend, asked about reading misconceptions about herself on social media, Alia silenced trolls with her reaction.

Alia said, “It’s the age of the internet, there’s a misconception a week. Someday I’ve got buccal fat surgery, some day I’m whitening my skin, some day I’m having marriage issues. Misconceptions are misconceptions so they don’t bother me. You do you, I do me.”

When sked her what would she say if she had to make an automated message for trolls, Alia shared, “Hi, this is Alia Bhatt. If what you are going to say is going to make you feel better then please go ahead and leave a message after the beep.”

On the episode, Alia also reacted to her viral lipstick video causing controversy on social media and how people labelled Ranbir Kapoor as a `toxic husband`. She said, “I have a candid way of speaking. When I am talking about anything in life, I imitate the person I`m talking about, I like to give anecdotes. I like to make it personal. I feel a lot of the things get picked out of context which happened recently with a video. I was looking and my team told me, “This is spiralling out of hand. And I was like Okay, fine. Let it go. People will say things all the time.” But then I realised there are serious articles talking about how he is a toxic man. Are we serious? There are many issues in the world to talk about and give more attention towards than talking about something that I said in a completely different context. The only reason I felt bad or I feel bad is if people misunderstand because he`s genuinely the opposite.”

She added, “There is also a line which I feel is being crossed. You cannot say anything, people can say what they want. says, “Alia, the audience owns you. They can say what the hell they want about you. As long as your movies are doing well, please do not complain, sitting in your apartment in Bandra.”

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