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Diwali celebrations are going on across the country. Everyone is celebrating Diwali, but political turmoil is being seen in the politics of Maharashtra regarding Diwali. The meeting of Ajit Pawar, who rebelled against uncle Sharad Pawar and formed the government with BJP, is being discussed a lot in Maharashtra politics. Ajit Pawar had gone to Govind Bagh late yesterday evening to celebrate Diwali. He sought blessings from Sharad Pawar and Pratibha Pawar. Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule has posted the picture of this meeting on social media.

The entire Pawar family is seen celebrating Diwali with pomp. They met each other and gave gifts and wished each other well. Pawar family’s Diwali has attracted everyone’s attention. Ajit Pawar celebrated Diwali by going to Govind Bagh. Although earlier it was being discussed whether Ajit Pawar would come to Govind Bagh or not. After this another big news came out.

Ajit Pawar met Sharad Pawar at his residence

Ajit Pawar went to Govind Bagh late yesterday evening to celebrate Diwali. On this occasion, he sought blessings from Sharad Pawar and Pratibha Pawar. Late evening Ajit Pawar and his family came to Govind Bagh. Everyone ate food together. Had a conversation. After this a group photo was also taken. Supriya Sule had gone to Ajit Pawar’s residence in Katewadi this morning.

Two hours after Supriya Sule went to Katewadi and met Ajit Pawar, Sharad Pawar also came to Ajit Pawar’s residence. There is a brotherhood program at Ajit Pawar’s house. On that occasion, the Pawar family has gathered at Ajit Pawar’s house. Sources informed that on this occasion everyone also had lunch together.

What did Chandrakant Patil say on the meeting of Sharad-Ajit?

Yesterday, on the occasion of Diwali, the entire Pawar family had gathered. Ajit Pawar also came to Govind Bagh. Like every year, this year also this family did a photo session together. The entire Pawar family is visible in this photo. Ajit Dada is also seen behind Sharad Pawar. Supriya Sule has posted these four pictures of the family. With these pictures it was written, Embrace the beauty of our traditions with pride!

Meanwhile, BJP leader Chandrakant Patil has reacted to the coming together of the Pawar family. No matter how many differences there are, coming together is the specialty of the Pawar family. This is his specialty. The Pawar family gathers every Diwali. This time has also come. Although the Pawar family has come together, their differences have not diminished. Chandrakant Patil has given a big statement saying that differences persist. Patil’s statement is surprising.

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