After Rashmika Mandanna, Kajol’s Deepfake Video Of Changing Dress On Camera Goes Viral – Khel Ja

The actress fell prey to the AI technology of ‘deepfake’, and she even penned a note demanding strict action against the culprits. And now, looks like actress Kajol has also been targetted by the deepfake technology.

Days after the Rashmika Mandanna fiasco, a new video is now doing the rounds on the internet in which a woman with Kajol’s face morphed on her body, can be seen changing clothes on camera.

With the edited video, netizens were tricked into believing that the woman changing outfits in the video was Kajol herself, however, netizens later pointed out how the video was edited using AI for mischievous reasons.



Kajol’s deepfake video

A little research shows that the original video has actually been made by a fashion influencer named Rosie Breen, who is known for generating content promoting body positivity.

However, in the video which is now going viral, Breen’s face seems to have been replaced by that of Kajol, and it has been made to look like the actress is changing outfits and showing off her curves on camera.

Netizens came down heavily on the video and reported it on all social media platforms, urging others to not share it further and put an end to the fake video’s circulation.

Kajol is yet to respond to the viral video.


Who is Rosie Breen?

Breen is quite popular on social media and has about 275K followers on Instagram.

Originally of UK-Indian-Irish origin, Breen identifies herself as a “midsized gal”, according to her Instagram handle.



The cops later also questioned a 19-year-old youth from Bihar in connection to the case as they suspected that he was the first one to upload the video on social media.

Not just Rashmika and Kajol, but similar deepfake photos and visuals have also gone viral for Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and others.

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