AAP and BJP clash over Delhi pollution, Sanatan Dharma also entered – Khel Ja

After Diwali, politics on pollution has become more intense. The condition of pollution in Delhi-NCR is not hidden from anyone. For the last few days, the air of Delhi-NCR is becoming poisonous. The situation is that people are going out wearing masks. The fireworks on Diwali have once again increased the level of pollution, on which rhetoric has now started between the ruling Aam Aadmi Party and BJP.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has targeted BJP for the fireworks in Delhi. Gopal Rai says that BJP leaders were instigating people to burn firecrackers, due to which Delhi is having to bear the brunt. Due to firecrackers, the pollution level in many areas of the capital Delhi has crossed 500. He said that if firecrackers had not been burnt, Delhi would not have been in this condition today. Along with this, he said that BJP is a responsible party, yet its party leaders were instigating people to burn firecrackers.

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‘Congress and other parties have problems with Sanatan Dharma’

After this statement of Gopal Rai, now BJP has taken charge and counterattacked. BJP MP and actor Manoj Tiwar said that people have burst very few firecrackers and mostly only grime crackers have been burst. But people of Congress and other parties have a problem with celebrating Diwali in Alsa. The BJP MP said that his pain is that people of Sanatan Dharma should not celebrate their festival. Along with this he asked what was the AQI before and after the rain two days ago and what is it now.

‘The cause of pollution is stubble burning in Punjab’

Along with this, BJP leader Harish Khurana also took on Gopal Rai. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party is covering up its failures. He said stubble was the real cause of pollution. Khurana said that stubble burning in Punjab and dust blowing in Delhi are the biggest reasons for increasing pollution in Delhi. Along with this, he also said that not a single new CNG bus has been purchased in DTC for the last 12 years, the electric buses have also been given by the Central Government.

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Rain had reduced Delhi’s pollution

It is noteworthy that after the meeting held on last Saturday, the Delhi government had appealed to the people not to use fireworks. Despite this, the residents of the capital burst firecrackers, due to which the pollution situation has once again become worrying. Let us tell you that a few days ago the Delhi government had decided to implement odd-even in the capital due to increasing pollution. However, it was banned after pollution improved due to rain.

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