A man was beaten to death in the police station for buying a stolen mobile phone! Ruckus due to sensational incident in Kolkata – Khel Ja

In Kolkata, a man has been accused of allegedly beating him to death in a police station. It is alleged that the man was called to Armhurst Street Police Station on charges of purchasing a stolen mobile phone. The family complained that they called the police station and were beaten up. After this, the person was taken to the medical college in a bloody condition, where the doctor declared the person dead.

The name of the deceased is Ashok Singh. Age around 42 years. A lot of tension has spread in front of the medical college regarding the incident. The family members are protesting by blocking the road. BJP leader Sajal Ghosh claimed that the deceased Ashok Singh was an active worker of BJP.

The family members of the deceased youth claimed, “A complaint was received in the police station regarding a mobile phone. A call was made from the police station. Was called to the police station. Went to the police station to deposit the mobile phone. He was murdered by five policemen. I entered the police station within ten minutes. Look inside, it’s over.”

He said that there was bleeding from the nose and mouth. Foam was coming out of the mouth, when the police brought him from the police station, the doctor said that he was dead.

Allegation of beating a young man to death in the police station

Amidst the protests, Assistant Commissioner level officers have already reached the Medical College campus. He is trying to convince the protesters. But the angry family members are in no position to listen to anything. The protesters are telling the police, “Now you can’t do this, this time we will take the law into our own hands.”

DC Central Dinesh Kumar also reached the spot. He talked to the family of the deceased and tried to understand their statements and complaints. He advised those who have complaints to lodge complaints.

DC Central assured him that all police stations have CCTV cameras. Will investigate. But the family members continued to protest. According to him, if the police wants, they can get the CCTV footage in two minutes.

BJP demanded CBI investigation

Meanwhile, BJP has come down on this tragic incident of Wednesday night. BJP has also started demanding CBI investigation. BJP councilor Sajal Ghosh has raised the demand to close the OC of Armhurst Street police station. Sajal has also raised the demand that post-mortem of any dead body should not be done in the medical college or any mortuary of Kolkata Police. He demanded that the post-mortem of the body be done in the command hospital.

According to police sources, Ashok Singh was called from North Division this morning, where did he get the mobile phone he was using? He was asked to deposit the phone at the police station. Later the person called one of his acquaintances and told him the entire incident.

He said that he had bought the phone for Rs 200 and the police were asking him to deposit it. After that he reached the police station, where it is alleged that he died after being beaten by the police.

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