A group of stray dogs mauled the child to death, creating chaos in the family. – Khel Ja – Khel Ja

There is terror of stray dogs in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Here a group of dogs tore a 6 year old child to death. After which he was taken to the hospital. Where the doctor declared him dead. There is chaos in the family after the death of children. The child died due to a deep wound on the neck. There is a lot of anger among the family members after the incident and there is a lot of anger among the people of the village regarding this.

On Wednesday, Chhedalal’s 6-year-old son Daksh, who lives in Ward 5 of Shergarh town of Bareilly, had gone to play in the field near the Community Health Center with other children. From here the children went towards the forest while playing. The children playing there were attacked by a pack of stray dogs. After this everyone ran away from there with the child. But Daksh fell there. Then the dogs started scratching Daksh. The dogs scratched the child and left him bleeding. Flesh was also plucked from his body.

Took the child to the hospital running away

Meanwhile, other children ran to the village and informed Daksh’s family. Then the family members ran towards the forest. There the child was lying on the ground soaked in blood. After this, the family members ran and took Daksh to the hospital, where the doctors declared him dead after examination. Hearing about the death of the child, Daksh’s mother started crying loudly. She fell unconscious while crying. The condition of her father and other family members is also bad. There is mourning in the village after the incident. The villagers say that there is terror of dogs here. Even before, many children have become victims of dogs. But no one catches stray dogs.

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