784 FIRs, fine on 734 people… Those who burn firecrackers after 10 pm in Mumbai are punished.

After the order of Bombay High Court in Mumbai, the police has now started action in the case of bursting of firecrackers till late night on Diwali. So far, the police have registered 784 cases and taken action against 806 people, while 734 people have been fined. Along with this, the police is also identifying other people who burst crackers till late night through CCTV.

In fact, in view of the increasing air pollution in Mumbai before Diwali, the Bombay High Court had taken suo motu cognizance and heard a PIL. The High Court had given permission to burst crackers only till 8 pm to 10 pm on 12th, but on Diwali in the city, crackers were burst till late night.

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Due to non-compliance of the High Court order, the police is now identifying the people violating the rules and registering cases against them and also imposing fines. However, no one has been arrested in this case yet. Noise levels due to firecrackers have also increased during Diwali in Mumbai. The noise level in the city which was 109 decibels on Diwali last year has been recorded at 117 decibels this time.

Firecrackers containing harmful chemicals were also burnt

According to sources, firecrackers containing chemicals have also been burst in some areas of the city, whereas according to the orders of the Supreme Court, the use of any type of firecrackers containing poisonous chemicals is not allowed. Recently, Air Quality Index (AQI) was recorded between 100-200 in many areas of Mumbai.

AQI level had increased in many areas of Mumbai

Mumbai’s average air quality was recorded at 154 on Saturday, it was a matter of relief that due to the rain in between, the pollution level had come down and the city residents got minor relief, but the fireworks on the day of Diwali once again created a stir. The tension has increased.

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