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It has been 67 hours since the tunnel accident that occurred on Sunday morning in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. During this time, in everyone’s mind, whether it is the laborers trapped inside or the different teams outside trying to save them, everyone wants to get them out as soon as possible. The accident happened between 5 and 6 am on Sunday morning and immediately after that, the administration showed alertness and deployed SDRF, NDRF and ITBP on the spot for rescue. The DM and SP of Uttarkashi themselves kept monitoring and it is still continuing.

Since the time of the incident, SDRF Commandant Manikant Mishra, DM Uttarkashi Abhishek Ruhela, SP Arpan Yaduvanshi along with other officers have been camping at the spot for 67 hours and are hoping that the workers trapped inside will be rescued as soon as possible. Could. SP Arpan Yaduvanshi said that all the people trapped inside the tunnel are labourers. He has spoken on phone to the families of these laborers living in different states and assured everyone that everyone will be evacuated safely as soon as possible.

First day of the event Sunday (12-11-2023)

Let us tell you that after the incident, rescue work was started to save the workers trapped inside the tunnel. Debris was being taken out from inside the tunnel, but debris was coming from above again and again, due to which there was difficulty in rescue. In view of this, the Dhami government started talking to experts about how to complete this rescue operation. The rescue continued throughout the day on Sunday.

Contact was made with the workers trapped inside at 12 o’clock on the first day.

For the first time after 18 hours, the workers trapped in the tunnel talked to the officials of the rescue teams and this conversation was done through walkie-talkie. At that time, the relief news was that the workers from inside gave the news of the safety of all the workers trapped inside the tunnel. As soon as they got information that the workers were safe, the officials heaved a sigh of relief. The officials hurriedly delivered food items to the workers.

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there is enough oxygen

After talking to the workers on the very first day at night, the work of sending dry fruits, peanuts, puffed rice and other food items to them through the pipeline, which was already present there, started, so that the workers could get relief. Things started getting enough to eat. Along with that, oxygen also started being sent to them in sufficient quantity.

Second day of the accident, Monday (13-11-2023)

On the second day of the accident, people again had the hope that somehow the rescue would be completed today and the workers would be taken out, but still everything that was happening on the first day continued to happen. Debris was being removed from the tunnel, but debris was coming back from above, due to which the same problem was emerging.

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CM Dhami reached the spot, took information

On the second day of the incident, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reached the spot and discussed the situation with all the officials present there and asked them to make a master plan to evacuate the workers as soon as possible. He also said that the state government and the central government will provide all possible help for this. Only after this, Disaster Secretary Ranjit Sinha reached the spot and held a meeting with DM, SP, SDRF, NDRF and officials of the tunnel building companies.

Immediately after the meeting, NHIDCL Executive Director Sandeep Sudhera said that as soon as the debris is removed from the tunnel, debris comes from above, due to which there is difficulty in rescue. Keeping this in view, now for rescue, a path will be made inside the tunnel using mile steel pipe from the debris, through which the workers will be taken out.

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The path will be made from mile steel pipe through earth auger machine.

Let us tell you that with the technology of Earth Auger machine, the 800 mm mile steel pipe will be bored and sent inside and this pipe will not be damaged by any kind of debris. Through this, only one meter of pipe can be sent inside in an hour.

Third day of the incident Tuesday (14-11-2023)

On the morning of the third day of the incident, the earth auger machine was sent into the tunnel. Along with this, 800 mm steel pipe from Dehradun and Rishikesh had also reached here, after which teams of different experts kept inspecting here throughout the day. Technical people from Central as well as State were present. The trial was also started by shifting the earth auger machine inside.

What do the families of the workers trapped inside say?

The family members of Kotdwar laborer Gabar Singh Negi, who was trapped in the tunnel, arrived here today, including his brother and son Akash. Akash told that he had talked to his father Gabar Singh Negi in the morning. They are absolutely fine inside. He was a supervisor here. He said that all the workers inside the tunnel are fine. He is keeping everyone’s spirits up. He just asked to be taken out as soon as possible.

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What did the workers who ran away from the tunnel say during the accident?

When this accident happened, more than 50 laborers were working in the tunnel, some of whom managed to escape from there. Among them, workers from Jharkhand told that when suddenly small amounts of debris started falling, they ran away. As soon as we ran, a lot of debris fell into the tunnel, blocking the way.

Let us tell you that this tunnel is being built under National Highway-94. The length of this tunnel is 4.5 kilometers. Under the Chardham Project, this tunnel is being built between Silkyara and Dandalgaon on Brahmakhal and Yamunotri National Highway.
With the construction of this tunnel, the distance of 25 kilometers will be covered in just 4.5 kilometers and this will also save one hour of people’s time.

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